An activation of the system will automatically notify the Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) over the telephone line, by radio or using GSM or other communications facilities.

The ARC will have specific instructions regarding what to do in such a situation - contact keyholders, the Gardai, an Alarm Response Service etc.


DNA can also set up personal monitoring, whereby text messages are sent to mobile phones from the alarm system in the event of an activation.


Monitoring of the fire alarm can be provided by a central station to notify key holders and the fire department in case of activations.


DNA Security can integrate your alarm system with other devices & systems

For example: Alarms can be linked with Access Control Systems to signal if doors are held open or forced, linked with CCTV systems to send images from premises to mobile phone or email. 

Fire alarm systems can be integrated to signal to monitoring centre in case of fire activation. 

Your alarm can be used as a building management system to switch on/off lights remotely, control heating & even open or close blinds or curtains.

We can provide alarm systems to monitor water wells in case of flooding.


We also supply early warning power failure systems for heavy plant machinery that cannot afford down time.

You can take full control of your alarm system remotely via Text Message to your Alarm, Dial in or Broadband connection.


*DNA Security sub-contract all monitoring & key holding services to known, trusted, PSA licensed monitoring centres and security guarding contractors.*